This map shows in which places there was a Duckietown class or a Duckietown-related initiative:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT 2.166: Where it all started! The first Duckietown class was at MIT in 2016

National Chiao Tung University - ICN9005 Robotic Vision: The "first branch of Duckietown" was started in 2016 in NCTU led by Prof Nick Wang

Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago - Matthew Walter's graduate class at TTIC

Universite de Montreal - Graduate class taught by Paull at U de M

ETH Zurich - Frazzoli and Censi's graduate class at ETH Zurich

University of Picardie Jules Verne - Under development


Rutgers University - Robotics Summer Workshop: Prof. Jingjin Yu and Prof. Qingze Zou at Rutgers led a summer workshop based on Duckietown. The focus was on comparing the differences in the classroom environment between China and the United States. Here is a video.

Tsinghua University - Under development

University of Chile - Facultad de Ciencias Fisicas Y Matematicas

Czech Technical University in Prague - Under development

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Under development: The Duckietown platform was used by students in Prof. John Wen's undergraduate class. Here is a video of some of their results.

Permanent Future Lab Utrecht - Under development

Independent Study

JetBrains Research - Independent study led by Kirill Krinkin