University Classes

This is the list of official college-level or graduate-level classes that used the Duckietown materials.

2016: These are the classes that took place in 2016:

  • The original Duckietown class was at MIT 2016;

The Duckietown platform was also used in these classes:

2017: These three courses will be taught together, with the students interacting among institutions:

Furthermore, the Duckietown platform was used also in these courses:

  • National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan - Prof. Nick Wang’s course;
  • National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan - Prof. Yon-Ping Chen’s Dynamic system simulation and implementation.
  • Chosun University, Korea - Prof. Woosuk Sung’s course;
  • Petra Christian University, Indonesia - Prof. Resmana Lim’s Mobile Robot Design Course
  • National Tainan Normal University, Taiwan - Prof. Jen-Jee Chen’s Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Course;
  • Yuan Zhu University, Taiwan - Prof. Kan-Lin Hsiung’s Control course;

Duckietown at NCTU in 2016